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Advance Directives

Advance Directive Toolkit: Changes to Ohio's Advance Directives

HB 126 implemented key changes to Ohio’s advance directives, the Living Will and the Power of Attorney for Healthcare. Due to statutory requirements there was a need to update the HCPOA form and living will. The toolkit below provides important information to help explain what the key changes were.

Living Will and Health Care Power of Attorney: Make YOUR Choices Known!

Choices Living Well At The End Of Life

LeadingAge Ohio has created the Choices: Living Well at the End of Life - Sixth Edition. The 6th edition includes the new advance directives documents and vital information to explain the difference between the documents, definitions and FAQs.

Two Options Available to Get Your Choices booklet:

Option #1: Download the pdf version of the Choices booklet below, print and complete.
Download Choices Living Well At The End Of Life (6th edition pdf)

Option #2: Order the Choices booklet through our new system.

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In December 2013, Governor Kasich signed House Bill 126 into law to implement changes concerning the Healthcare Power of Attorney (HCPOA) as well as to allow an individual to appoint a guardian under certain situations. Due to statutory requirements there was a need to update the HCPOA form and living will. The links to access only the forms are below.

Update March 2015: The new advance directive forms are now finalized and can be accessed using the links below.

  • State Of Ohio Health Care Power Of Attorney Form (2015 pdf version)
    • The Health Care Power of Attorney is a document that names an individual to make healthcare decisions for the person drafting the document. The updates to this document include the agent being able to obtain protected health information immediately for the individual drafting the document. It also allows an individual to nominate a guardian of person and guardian of estate.
  • State Of Ohio Living Will Form (2015 pdf version)
    • The Living Will is an advance directive that is upheld only if a person is terminally ill or permanently unconscience. The new document now has an area to designate additional instructions or limitations to healthcare providers. It also designates donation of an anatomical gift.
  • State Of Ohio Donor Registry Form (2015 pdf version)
    • The purpose of the Donor Registry Enrollment Form is to document your wish to donate organs, tissues and/or corneas at the time of your death. This form should be completed only if you have NOT already registered as a donor with the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV).

The decisions a person makes regarding their healthcare and treatment preferences at the end of life are extremely important. While living wills and advance directives are vital, the conversations around these decisions and choices are also crucial. We recommend completing these forms and viewing the Living Will and Health Care Power of Attorney documents as tools for having meaningful advance care planning conversations with your physician and family members.

Conversations That Light The Way is a workbook designed to assist you in making choices about the kind of healthcare you want as you journey through the final phases of life. Although this subject can be uncomfortable for many people to address, it is important that each person has the opportunity to make these important choices for themselves.

For a printable copy of the complete advance directive booklet and companion guide:

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